Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too Many Decisions!!!

Well, now that I am finished with my DPT, I can focus on Baby Ellarie. So far the doctor says she think she is just a small little girl. We go back for an US on Monday to measure her growth. We are up to doctor appts every 2 weeks until week 36. We have been working on getting her room ready and getting things set up to remodel our bathroom and closet so that we can have more storage space for all the things that come with a baby.

Right now we are in the process of making some very important decisions. Pediatrician and Day Care.

Although I wish that I could stay at home with Ellarie, that is not financially feasible. She is on the waitlist for the Chapman Development Learning Center at SJMC. If they call us and tell us that there is an opening, we can pay to retain a spot or put our name back on the waitlist. Ridiculous!!! I am not going to pay for you to do nothing especially in an economy like this. We are looking for alternatives. While we want good care for her, money is an issue. I am not going to pay an arm and leg for childcare, I do want great care for Ellarie. We are looking at home care, but we don't know anyone in the area, which means we will be visiting places that I found of the okdhs website. :/

We are also interviewing pediatricians. I found 3 groups that I was interested in that have rights to treat at SJMC. One group, the receptionist was extremely rude...so if I don't like the other 2, then I might reconsider. We are looking at Pediatric and Adolescent Care and Tulsa Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

We welcome input. This is a lot of work. A lot of appointments!