Monday, July 19, 2010

Update on Ellarie...

Well, Jonathan and I went to the doctor today. First of all our appointment was at 130. We got there at 125 and went to US. Then arrived back to doctor's office at 145. We did not get called back until 3:00. Frustrating.

We found out that Ellarie dropped from the 13th to the 8th percentile. Under 10th percentile is small for gestational age and could be a growth problem. Our doctor seems to think that she is just small, but I am going back next monday for an US to check the cord blood flow and blood glucose test (this is standard at this point in the pregnancy). In 2 weeks, we go back to the doctor. In 3 weeks, we go back for the growth measurements US.

We are praying that we just have a tiny baby girl!

Monday, July 12, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!

We celebrated our first anniversary on July 11, 2010. If you would have asked me a year ago when we were going to have kids...I would have said definitely not in the next 3 years. Haha! Was I wrong. So....we didn't get to enjoy our european wine we bought on our honeymoon, but we did celebrate together. After church we went to Old School Bagel Cafe - one of my fav - for brunch. Then I had to work on my case report for my DPT program. I felt like we were back at OSU studying together. :) We went to dinner at Redrock Canyon Grill....then went for dessert at cake!!!
Mom got us a 6 inch from IGA - they made our it was fresh, but looked like our wedding cake!

Of course we shared with the girls. They were pretty excited....

In fact, Mollie was sneaky and got an extra bite!!!

In case you were wondering, Jonathan got me a NLT Bible...and I got him a pineapple slicer (he loves pineapple and has been wanting one for a while), a daddy's little monkey outfit for Ellarie from Gymboree and OSU cups that don't sweat!!!
We have a baby shower this weekend. I am hoping that people remember and actually come because my sister has been putting a lot of time and energy in to this.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ellarie Paige...and a little update.

Well, I went to my continuing education course...on my own dimes. Houston is crazy! There was so much traffic. It took me an hour and fifteeen to get from my aunt's house to the school campus and then I had to pay $9/day for parking with no re-entry. I am glad I live in Tulsa. I found out on Monday that work was going to reimburse me for the course. That is good. Everything else (plane ticket, car rental, and meals) are out of our pocket. Yuck!

One of the aunt is a genetic counselor and I was able to get a 3D image of Ellarie Paige! She moved her hand and we got a great picture!

We are so excited to meet her. Jonathan has been able to feel her moving around, which is pretty exciting. We are also excited about our anniversary/babymoon vacation that we were able to plan. We had a trip to LA planned before we found out we were pregnant so that we could run the Disneyland half marathon! I can still go and we are still participating. My dad will be there too because he was there for the Disneyworld Full Marathon in January...and don't think this will be Ellarie's first Half Marathon. It will actually be her 4th. We ran one in February, one in April and One in June. After the race, Jonathan and I are going over to Santa Monica to spend 2 days on the Pacific Ocean - the first time for both of us to hit the west coast. We are really looking forward to it. If anyone wants to offer rides to and from the airport...we would love them. $ for parking is ridiculous! I am always willing to help you in return :)

Oh...Jonathan has also decided he will be participating in the Redman Half he will be training for this crazy 70.3 miles. Yikes!
Got most of my registries done. Kind of frustrating because I want to register at Target....but they don't have I went to Babies R Us. And my in laws requested Walmart. And my running stroller is through Fleet Feet. I am pretty excited about my running stroller though...take a look!

I can't wait to take her running. There is an adapter piece that allows you to put her infant seat on the stroller. Yay!

Well, I am working on my Capstone project to finish my I better get back to work!