Saturday, August 13, 2011

June 2011

Well now that I got a new computer I am going to try to post at least once a month so that I can be better at keeping friends up to date on our life. Here is the Month of June...

We went to Dallas Texas on the 10th to see my Aunt and her kiddos. We had a good time going to the country club to swim and swinging in the back yard. I am hoping that Jonathan will hang Ellarie's new swing soon so that she can enjoy it when it is nice outside.

Father's Day. My dad came flew to Tulsa to pick up my Grandpa's Truck and take it back to Ponca City. Grandpa died May 5, 2010, so Ellarie never got to meet him. I had a great idea to take generation pictures in front of the truck. The truck is not worth much, but I remember Grandpa taking Morgan and I swimming, to the park and to braum's in that beat up old thing.
Jonathan's HS Reunion was the last weekend in June, so we made the lovely trip to Guymon, OK. BLEH! I hate that drive, but he had a great time catching up with friends and I got meet some people. He had a great time showing off Ellarie. I finally made him take a generation picture with his mom. He only has one living grandma, Granny Lil, but that is his dad's mom. We took pictures with her too, but I don't have them uploaded yet.

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