Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bachelorette

So I kind of like this blog because I can type about things that my husband does not care about. I can't watch the bachelorette live because we don't have cable, but I watch it on hulu.

Does anyone else think that Kasey is CREEPY and cheesy? I think he is too intense and fake. His voice is so weird!!! A Tattoo???? Really? You are absolutely crazy! When she finds out you are gone!!!

Jonathan "the weatherman" is a geek and a loser. I was not impressed by the serenade, neither was Ali.

Ty. Cute Country boy...hope we get to see him more.

Roberto. Pearly whites. Handsome stud. So sweet.

Frank - Funny man. I like him. def has potential. You are right Kasey is nuts!!!

Kirk - He's growing on me. I think he is genuine.

Justin - I don't think he is as bad as the guys do...but I don't like him much.

Craig - Really not impressed yet. Not cute.

Jesse - Very cute. Wish she would have kept him and given Kasey the boot!

Chris L - Like him a lot. he is cute and really sweet.

Chris N. - Who are you?

Overall....these guys make me really love and appreciate my husband.


  1. HAHA!! I agree with all of your comments about the Guys! I am hopelessly addicted to that stupid show!!!

  2. Do you think Chris N. knows that he's not really on the show?! Also, what's with Kasey's voice?! I thought at first that he was deaf or something, but that totally would have come up, right?!